Deferred / due granularity


I have been trying to beat OF2 into submission, where items due, deferred to later today (9pm) do not show up in the ‘working on today’ perspective (status: ‘due or flagged’, availability: ‘remaining’) until the actual hour arrives.

In other words, is it possible for OF2 not to display items deferred to a later hour with a due date of today with perspective which uses ‘due’ or ‘due or flagged’ status.

The rationale for such setup is that I want to make sure certain items which are repeated as ‘daily morning habits’ show up at the right time, while the ‘daily evening habits’ don’t show up until the evening so as not to pollute already busy ‘working today’ list.

Thank you,


Set both the due and defer times to 9pm and you won’t see them until then.

Alas that does not seem to be the case:

The perspective is set up as follows:

Contexts are Yoda-like: ‘Do’ or ‘Do-Not’.

Rather than setting the availability filter to ‘Remaining’, set it to ‘Available’.

Yup – available.

Brilliant! It works!

Thank you very much @anamorph and @nostodnayr!