Deferred Tasks and Projects

I am trying to create a Deferred, repeating project: Weekly Review.

When I defer the PROJECT. The Project works appropriately. I complete all the tasks, the project vanishes till the following Friday. But none of the tasks are visible.

Do you neared that the tasks aren’t visible UNTIL the following Friday; or that on that next expected day they still don’t re-appear?

They Still don’t reappear. Do I need to to go through and make each individual task also have a defer and repeat?

Suggest trying that, Yes :-)

No absolutely not.

The project should be set to defer, no due date, be sequential and complete with last action. It should then reappear on the expected date, with all the tasks in it.

You do need to make sure no individual tasks within it have a defer or due date of their own otherwise there will be issues.

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