Deferring tasks should be Easier


I recently purchased the universal app and I’m finding that deferring a task can be a task on its own

I counted the steps taken to open the app and deferr the task to tomorrow. It took me 5 steps to do that. I little easier if I used the notification centre but even that only three tasks.

My question is why is the delete option available as a swipe but not a deferr option. I would have thought more people would deferr tasks compared to deleting it. The app seems to use gestures well throughout the app except for when it comes to dealing with tasks.

Coming from Todoist: left swipe is done and right swipe gives you multiple options to postpone tasks.

Is this something that the Omnifocus team is working on? I want to spend less time on the app and more time getting things done.

What are your thoughts?

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I too like the idea of doing a swipe and getting options for the task.


Is going into the task the most efficient and quickest way to flag or defer a task. Why fhe valuable swipe action only allows for deletion of a task. Surely more people defer or flag tasks instead of deleting it.

I urge users to indicate which method they prefer. My work doesn’t have a apple computer so I’m limited to the iPhone and the iPad. Having less friction would be helpful

I agree that in iOS (especially iPhone) that options like flagging or setting due date is buried too deep in the UI - and I think having it a swipe away may well be the solution.

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Yes, I’d like some more swipe options too.

Or a popup menu would be great. In Appigo Todo you just tap & hold on a task and a menu pops up over the top with a range of options that you can configure, e.g. tomorrow, next week (to change due date as needed).

I request the developers to provide some guidance on this. At least tell customers if this is a planned feature or customers would always be required to dive into the action to make these changes ?


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