Delegate tasks to individual and show them as waiting on

Hi Guys,

I have a large team that I often delegate tasks to. I have people setup as Context so I can filter and see during the 1 on 1 conversations what tasks each person is accountable for and check that they are progressing to the due date.

How can I indicate that these tasks are delegated and waiting on someone else. Currently, they appear in my project lists and in my perspectives and in my forecast.

What is the ideal way to implement delegation in Omnifocus without losing the abiltiy to know to whom something was delegated and seeing it for the weekly 1 on 1 meetings?

What I do is create a context folder (or whatever you call it) called “Waiting” or “Delegating” or something. Then in this folder create a context for each member of the team. The status for all of these contexts should be set to “On Hold” so the tasks associated with them don’t appear in any lists of your active tasks.

Then make a perspective that focuses just on this context folder and tweak it so the tasks show even though they’re on hold. Look at this perspective to see everything you’re waiting for.

Or when you’re meeting with a particular person, just open the appropriate context to see everything you’re waiting for from him.