Delete Perspective

I have the latest versions of OF installed on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I have two “Due” perspectives on the iOS versions. I also had a Due perspective in OF version 1 on the Mac prior to the data migration. Once I migrated to OF version 2 beta, the Due perspective was no longer present in OF 2 beta, so I created a new one.

So I have the original Due perspective on the iOS devices, plus the new one. On the Mac I only have the one Due perspective. I need to remove the old Due perspectives from the iOS versions, but I’m unable to determine how to remove a perspective on iOS. How would I do this?

The easiest way is probably just to relaunch OmniFocus 1 on your Mac and delete it there.

Since I’ve already uninstalled OF version 1, is that the only way? If the perspective I want to delete does not show up in OF 2 on the Mac, will it be visible in OF 1?

I reinstalled OF 1. I do indeed see two Due perspectives. However, the Due perspective I want to delete is a default OF 1 perspective. It does not have a delete option.

If I delete the version 2 User created Due perspective, I’ll only have one Due perspective in OF 1 and the iOS versions. It seems that I will also lose the only Due perspective in OF 2. Right?

I want one Due perspective in OF 2 Mac, and both iOS versions. This doesn’t seem to be a solution.

That’s what I get for going with my gut instead of double-checking. Sorry to have led you astray.
We’ve got a bug tracking this issue now. I don’t really have a workaround to suggest in the meantime.

Orphan custom perspectives
I upgraded on both a phone and a mac. Custom perspectives (which were created on the versions of the Mac application) still appear in the upgraded phone app. They cannot be deleted or modified on the Mac because I did not license the pro version. Nor can these relic custom perspectives be deleted or modified on the phone.
So, the phone app needs revision to either enable it to control custom perspectives, or to automatically strip custom perspectives from the sync database.

Work around
Found in the archives, downloaded it, reinstalled it, and from it, was able to control custom perspectives. Still, for upgrades to the non-pro Mac app, the phone app should have a provision for handling custom perspectives leftover from 1.xxxx Mac app.