Deleted perspectives re-appear in iOS apps

Where do the old perspectives and their icons com from how can I get rid of them in the iOS apps?

As an previous OF 1.x user I completely removed OF 1 (including all files on my hard drive) and replaced it by the OF 2 Beta. I deleted some perspectives and their icons and replaced those with other perspectives and new icons. I also replaced the OF server database (I’m using OmniSync).

I deleted the OF iOS apps on my iPhone and iPad and the OF files on the mobile devices. Then I re-installed the apps and synced via OmniSync. In both iOS apps my my new AND old perspectives and belonging icons re-appeared (but not i OF 2 Beta on the Mac).

Any ideas of how to get rid of the old perspectives in the iOS apps?

I have a couple of these as well. I filed a support request and they said it was a bug.

yup , me too . I had that happen even before the beta testing started again . Mine was a project based perspective that suddenly appeared on my iPhone and of course the list was empty . Glad to hear it wasn’t just me .

Not sure if it was fixed or not, but I had this problem and yesterday I noticed my deleted perspectives were gone.