Deleting completed Actions in Omnifocus for iPad

Hi All,

I wasn’t able to find an answer to this by searching the forum…

I wondered if there was a way automatically delete all completed actions on Omnifocus for iPad.

I don’t really want to have to go through each one and do it manually, and I also don’t want to just leave them.

Is there a way to automate this?

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I’d like to know this too…

If you sync with OmniFocus for Mac, you can Move Old Data to Archive which deletes anything completed before a date you select.

To be honest, I’d be a little disappointed if the only way to achieve this is to buy Omnifocus2 for Mac.

Seems a little short sighted of the developers if that is the only solution.

There is currently no way to delete all completed actions automatically, nor even to delete them all at once on demand. These have both been on the development wishlist for quite a while.

If your primary goal is to get completed actions out of sight, you can change the filter of any view to Remaining to hide all completed actions.

@lizard I’m not convinced that’s a viable solution. I can imagine how much useless data has to be parsed over years of use with that method. I’ve only been using OF for about a month on my iPad and I quickly realized that setting View to All is the best way for me to manage completed tasks. Until OG adds bread crumbs to tasks this is the method I’ll use.

The company I work for has a document retention policy. I assume OG has a similar policy?

In my view, being able to clear completed actions is a MUST have function, not SHOULD/COULD/WON’T.

It is of course possible to delete completed actions, but only one at a time, which we recognize is painfully tedious if you’ve been using OmniFocus for any length of time. As I said above, bulk deleting items is still an issue tracked in our development database.

Lizard - does the ipad database run into problems over a certain size? Like others here, I use OF on my ipad but don’t have a mac to backup / archive / etc. Deleting old tasks in bulk would help us optimize our database, if indeed there are size issues.

Yes, performance is definitely affected by various size factors:

  • total number of items in database
  • number of items in a project
  • total size of database, including pictures, audio, and other attachments.

And yes, we really ought to make it easier to delete lots of actions at once. (Probably with a big “Are you sure? Are you really really really sure?” confirmation dialog!)

You can delete a whole project (and all its actions) at once if you’re done with it. That might be a little less tedious.

I personally keep my most frequently repeating actions in a separate app (Due) that is specifically built for things like taking daily medication or taking out the trash weekly, where I really don’t need to associate it with a project or context or larger plan for my life. I just need my phone to buzz so I do the thing. (And keep buzzing every minute until I actually do the thing.)