Deleting custom perspective on Mac leaves empty perspective on iphone

I deleted two custom perspectives on my macbook in OF2 pro. After the next sync, OF on my iphone (v2.2) shows two empty lines on the home screen where these perspective previously could be clicked. The perspectives screen itself no longer shows the deleted perspectives – which seems proper behaviour, but also means I can no longer ‘deselect’ both perspectives to make the empty lines on the OF home screen disappear… :-).

Below is an iPhone screenshot. Anyone else experience this? If not, I will report it to support.

yeah, I had submitted this bug a few months ago.

I think I have to remember to “unstar” the perspective and then I can safely erase it.

The only other thing I could do was uninstall the OF2 for iPhone app reinstall. Then I sync back to the OmniFocus sync server to get those empty lines erased.

I’ve also had that and submitted it too.
As a workaround, just had to unstar all perspectives on iphone and then, star them again

Thanks for the response. Good to see it already has been reported.

To ‘unstar’ will indeed not work anymore, because the perspectives are no longer there to unstar them. I will have to fall back on sync-backup-uninstall-install-sync *sigh*

Sure but… what worked for me was to Unstar ALL perspectives. Not talking about missing ones, but about ALL (still) starred ones.
Actually, only needed to unstar the ones appearing after the missing ones.


Thanks for clarifying that @ediventurin . But unfortunately this does not work for me. Unstarred all, but the empty lines remain.

I’m not able to get consistent behavior with this bug, but you might try creating a new perspective that has the same name as the one you deleted. I’m pretty sure that’s how I fixed it when I had this problem.

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Thanks Josh! I added one of both deleted perspectives and indeed that dit the trick!

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