Diagram style Chart 1 doesn't work


I made a simple demo sitemap and tried to change the diagram style to “Chart 1” from the preset diagram styles.
The result I got was strange:

You can see that the site map order on the left is fine but the actual diagram that gets generated is whack.

  1. Is this a simple fix?
  2. is the diagram style feature broken?
  3. has this happened to anyone else?
  4. are there any diagram style templates that I should download instead of using the default ones?
  5. has anyone used Sketch for sitemaps/wire-framing?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Hey James,

It appears that the diagram style your using (looks the same as the default Org Chart (plain) template/diagram style) sometimes has a hard time drawing the connecting lines in a consistent way. There is a pretty quick way to fix this — at least in my testing. Select everything on the canvas. In the menubar, select Edit > Magnets > Positions > 2 magnets: N, S. Things should look better now.

You can even edit the existing “Chart 1” diagram style so it remembers this setting. To do this, first open the Resource Browser, and find “Chart 1”. It most likely will be under Templates > Automatic Layout. Control+Click on “Chart 1” or another diagram style you wish to edit, then select Show in Finder, and open it. Set the magnets as described above and save the template. Now, when you apply this diagram style it should draw those connecting lines more consistently and organized.

*Note: Diagram Styles are based off the styling used by Templates with Automatic Layout enabled. If you want to make your own, new Diagram Styles, create a New Template and turn on Automatic Layout. More on creating and managing Templates can be found here, in our User Manual.

@valyria Thank you so much for that I will definitely try that.

While I have you here, can you please let me know how I can add a Text Heading to a canvas that includes a sitemap with auto-arrange switched on so that the Text Heading doesn’t become part of the sitemap please?

Currently I can’t separate the Text Heading from the diagram.

Thank you


That didn’t seem to work, the diagram seems to still add a bunch of different lines that it doesn’t need.

IT seems to go crazy when there are 5 or more children to a parent.

Is there another diagram style that does that same job that you know of please?

Thank you