Dictating new tasks using Apple Watch 4

On iPhone using ios12, you can dictate to OF by saying “Remind me to buy cat food in OmniFocus” and voila, the task appears in OF. But on the watch after you dictate, Siri says “you need to open OmniFocus to complete this request.” There’s a button “Open OmniFocus”, and after tapping you’re taken to a screen that says “No Available Items” and a backbutton to the inbox. When I click on the inbox in the lower right, it says there are no items, when there are in fact 9 inbox items, including the newly dictated one on my iphone. I tried again, and things went pretty much the same, except this time I was taken to “Today” and the message said “”No items due,” which is true. Still, this doesn’t feel like even limited integration, which rattles my confidence that items I think of on the go aren’t actually going to be captured. But maybe I’m missing something?


This upset me as well. I now use Reminders App to record my task dictation and it shifts automatically and without any fuss into Omnifocus. You need to enable it in OF settings and make sure you elect the correct folder that the task is recorded into in Reminders App.

Yep. This frustrates me too. I use “Remind me” via Reminders but it would be nice to not have to do this.

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Great! This did the trick. I’m always a little stuck with “remind me” vs “remember to” - just for the record, the “remember to” worked really well once I set up the connection to reminders.

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…remember you can also dictate the time and future day and it will safely implant itself correctly within OF3!

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