Difference in app badge count between iOS and OS-X

Since a few days, I have a different badge count between iOS and OS-X. In my case, on iOS my badge count is 10, consistent with 4 active flagged tasks and 6 task which are almost due. This is on both iPhone and iPad.
On OS-X, the badge count is 11 and I can’t figure out how that number is calculated. In OS-X I have 4 active flagged tasks and 6 tasks almost due. As far as I can see all data is synced correctly between iMac, iPhone and iPad.

Maybe anyone has a hint where to look? I suspect it is something on OS-X.

Hey @lexvo, if you uncheck all flagged actions on both devices, do the counts match, then?

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If you have a flagged group (i.e. subtasks under a flagged task), it would cause an inconsistent badge count. OmniFocus on OS X will always count the parent towards the badge count with the children, while OF on iOS counts the parent only when all the children are completed. I have filed a report on this before. Not sure if it has been fixed in beta builds, but this inconsistency still persists among the latest release builds.

@interrobang and @anders thanks for your replies.

Today I had a busy day with a lot of (flagged) tasks to check off, and I also added quite a few. The net result is that I have a badge count of 6 now on both iOS and OS-X. I don’t know why, but things look OK now.

I wanted to try your suggestions this evening, but since the badge count is the same on iOS and OS-X now it makes it harder to find out why there was a difference. I don’t have flagged groups and I double checked all settings on iOS and OS-X.

So for now I write it off as a one time glitch. If it happens again I will post in this thread. Thanks again for your input.

@lexvo that sounds good. We have a bug which we believed we’ve fixed (but haven’t shipped yet - still testing!) that has to do with OmniFocus including flagged tasks that are blocked in the badge count. I think that’s what you were running into.

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Could it also be a simple case of out of sync? I often have to force syncs to keep badge counts aligned when I’m working form multiple devices, as completing or adding things that impact badge counts are not immediately ubiquitously reflected.

Just a thought,


@interrobang: good to know that it might be fixed in the near future

@deturbulence: I thought of that too. I pressed the sync button on iOS and OS-X several times, but alas it didn’t help

I’ve noticed the same issue, but I don’t think it is related to flags.
Due Soon: 2 Days
Icon Badges: Overdue, Due Soon

Due Soon: 2 Days
Remind about: Overdue, Due Soon

Everything is in sync and up to date, yet on my Mac it displays a badge of 8, while the iOS version displays 3.

One consideration is that I have 3 items due today and 5 items due (and deferred until) tomorrow, which sums to 8. Is it possible that iOS is not behaving properly with respect to counting “Due Soon” when those items are also deferred?

EDIT: It appears as though the badges differ because of deferred dates. The Mac will include deferred actions that are “due soon”, while iOS will not. For example if I change my Due Soon to 1 week on both devices, only the events without a defer date will count towards the badge icon in iOS, while all due events regardless of defer date will count towards the badge on Mac.

This badge count behavior will be updated in the next OmniFocus for Mac update (which we released via our site today and should be available in the Mac App Store soon)! OmniFocus 2.2.1 no longer includes deferred actions in the due soon badge count.

Perfect, last update seems to have it all fixed up! :)