Different display of group actions by on Mac and iPad in perspectives

I’ve just noticed a difference handling the group actions by date in the context perspectives on Mac and iPad.

I created a context perspective with group actions by defer date and sort by defer date on the iPad. It grouped the actions like this, when taking November 7th, 2014 as today:

  • Yesterday
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Within the next Week (Nov., 8th < defer date < Nov., 14th)
  • Later within this calender month (Nov., 14th < defer date < Nov., 30th)
  • December 14
  • April 15
  • Later in 2015 (defer date > April, 30th)
  • Without Defer Date

When using the exact same perspective on the Mac, it show the date groups differently:

  • Yesterday
  • Available Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Within the next week (Nov., 8th < defer date < Nov., 14th)
  • Within the next month (Nov., 14th < defer date < Dec., 14th)
  • Within the next 3 months (Dec., 14th < defer date < Feb., 14th)
  • Within the next 6 months (Feb., 14 < defer date < May, 14th)
  • Within the next year …
  • Available now (=> without defer date)

That means on the iPad the group are displayed according the calendar months whereas there is a continuous grouping starting from today within 3 months groups on the Mac.

Did I miss a parameter which I can adjust for the kind of grouping? I couldn’t find anything in the settings and perspective parameters.

There is no setting to make these identical. Seems like they really ought to be the same.
Which one do you prefer? Why?

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@lizard: thank you for your response.

I feel more comfortable with the iPad approach, which groups the date according the months at least for the next half year.

I’m setting goals mostly within monthly “boundaries”. Additionally many actions have a relation to date specific events or deliveries. Therefore the iPad version delivers me a better structured overview about upcoming tasks.

In the case the actions are grouped like within the Mac Version, I feel a little bit lost. The continuous grouping of actions Within the next month and Within the next 3 respectively 6 month doesn’t give me a sense of when actions may become more important.

Hi there,

Apologies for reviving an old thread, but the forum noticed what I was about to post was similar to this thread.

I’ve just created a ‘Deferred’ perspective in OF2 on my Mac. Actions are grouped and sorted by Defer Date. When I checked out the new perspective on iOS, I noticed the headings were quite different, e.g:

Within the next month
Within the next three months
Available now

Defer Date: Tomorrow
Defer Date: Later in November 2015
Defer Date: December 2015
No Defer Date

I prefer the Mac group headings. Are there plans to get these lined up?

I’d rather have individual months grouped as I’m usually thinking full weeks and months. Sounds like there should be an option available to make both camps happy…