Disable Auto-Correct in Quick Entry Note field

How do I disable Auto-Correct in the Quick Entry dialog Note field?

I have it disable globally at “ ▹ System Preferences ▹ Keyboard”. It is disabled in the Note field of any Action in OF. It is disable in the Title field of any Action in either the regular app window or the Quick Entry dialog. Yet Auto-Correct remains active in the Note field of the Quick Entry dialog.

This makes Quick Entry effectively useless to me.

Iirc, this was not the behavior in OF 1.x. (I have only recently upgraded to OF 2.x.)

I’m sorry about the trouble! It sounds like you may have found a bug in Quick Entry; if you haven’t already, would you mind sending in an email about the issue? That way, we can make sure it gets assessed and added to our development database.

Has this been addressed now? I have several times come across quick entries that have become completely illegible after aggressive spelling corrections from Norwegian to English. I have turned off automatic corrections everywhere, but Quick Entry does not respect the settings.

Afaik, this issues remains current (auto-correct is always active in the Quick Entry dialog Note field; there is no way to turn it off). Furthermore, the problem seems to have spread to the Note field for any Action Item.

Removing the ability to disable auto-correct is bad in all cases. At this point I can only wait for OmniFocus to correct this flaw.

Iirc, I reported this as a bug (as requested in this thread). I suggest reporting it as well. Thanks.