Disable Inheritance?

I put parent groups in a “Groups” context but all my new tasks under it get the same context. I’d rather not have this happen.

[ Holiday Release 2014 ] (project name)
Fix Bug A (@ what_context_goes_here?)

  • Review logs (@ ssh)
  • Get customer feedback (@ survey)
    Fix Bug B (@ what_context_goes_here?)

Is there a way to disable inheritance?
What context would you put for the parent (Fix Bug A)?
Can it be disabled from showing up in the Contexts view?

Don’t assign contexts to the action-groups.

The groups itself are not actionable, they get completed by completing all the actions within them, so there is no need to assign a context.

The only time I do assign contexts to action-groups is if I know all/most actions within will share the same context: yes, the context from the group is taken as a default for the child-actions. But it’s only that: you can override it to something else.