Disappearing actions

hi, does anyone know anything about this issue im having.
when in Forecast View for a action with no project, if I add the action to a project and change due date to no due date, the action completely disappears instead of going to the project tasks list I just assigned it too.
I have to restart OmniFocus for the action to appear in the project tasks View.

Is this a known bug or am I missing something?

Forecast view can only show tasks with a date attached, so removing the date will remove it from forecast view. What exactly is it that you want to see happen?

hi thanks for the reply, the issue is when in Forecast view if I add a project to a task and remove the date it does not appear in the project tasks list (that I just assigned it to in Forecast view) unless I reboot OmniFocus and then it shows up in the project tasks view.

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