Discovered a “hidden” OF feature on iOS 11 in relation to “Add People”

Just returned to OmniFocus today because the new iOS 11 features resolve most of what was given me headaches in the past with OF. As I was playing with the app, I was looking for a way to create links to notes in the Notes app and items in the Files app. I discovered this great trick for any app that has the “Add People” option:

  1. From the file you want to create an OF task from, click on “Add People”
  2. OF will be among the icons on the bottom; click it
  3. When the email page opens up, just click “Continue” and the OF task creation sheet will appear with a link back to to the item pre-filled in the notes section

Works like a charm and the links appear to work in Mac.

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Looks like you can also drag and drop files, emails, notes etc into OF – good step forward.