Dispatch->Omnifocus without extra clicks?

Hi Forum,

I’m using Dispatch on IOS to send emails to Omnifocus. While this works great, it takes a considerable
amount of time as there is one click for confimation, another click to save it into Omnifocus as a new task and than a click to get back to Dispatch.

Is there any way to forward emails (or a link to the email) from Dispatch to Omnifocus directly without these clicks?
In Drafts (an IOS editor), there is the possibility to send something to OmniFocus Via Reminders which
is only one click.


workflow.is also seems to be able to link Dispatch and Omnifocus but before I but workflow.is, I would need to know if this is a direct way (without extra clicks)


Hi Thom,

You can directly forward emails from Dispatch to OmniFocus vía Mail Drop (if you use it), one click from the actions menu.

From Drafts, you can use a URL to directly import into OmniFocus, with no Reminders step. One click.


Hope it helps,

Hi spantigaramos,

Thanks. I tried it out and it works. Unfortunatly it doesn’t include a link to the email as the slower variant and I use this link (which also works than on OSX) a lot to process a task.

Also thanks for the Drafts workflow. This is helpful.

There is a URL helper from Dispatch that works on the Mac. This doesn’t answer your original question but it does address the link back to email portion.

Because of this I went to Airmail. It is a really nifty email client, I’m able to shoot things to OF and it inserts an airmail link that opens an email, even after I’ve archived it after sending it to OF.

I’m using the URL Helper from Dispatch and Postbox on a map; the links back are working.
I was only hoping to get a faster solution from Dispatch to Omnifocus, but maybe this is the price I have to pay from getting the working links.

You’ve probably seen Dispatch is more like a zombie than an active app now. I don’t think they’ll continue developing it. You should look for alternatives, imo.