Display images in Notes smaller

Is there any way to force OmniFocus to display images in the Notes section smaller? To control the size of the display? To resize images?

For me, there are two issues:
. I don’t want the images to fill most of my screen, and
. I don’t want the image files to take up a lot of storage space.

The Ideal workflow for me would be to paste an image into the Notes field, examine it, and be able to resize the display (with a common corner handle) and also be shown the file size and be able to resize the file. I would like to end up with a thumbnail that “works” visually within the main viewer, also be able to see a larger version of the thumbnail, and also be able to make sure the larger version isn’t too big (and or the wrong file format).


I would love to see this feature too. The only workaround would be to resize the images in Preview or another external program slowing down the workflow.

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