Display single action from inbox at a time

I would like to have only one action visible in the inbox, is there a way to do this?
The Inbox’s perspective settings don’t seem to allow to display “first available”, and I couldn’t find a way with custom perspectives to setup it that way either. Actions in inbox don’t have a project but I don’t see a way to add such filter in perspective settings.

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No way to do that I’m aware of.

That would largely fly in the face of some of they key design decisions of OmniFocus and GTD though; the Inbox is an area where you’re supposed to dump your thoughts, etc., and then when you process them, you either do them or move them where they “belong” with more detail. Trying to work one-by-one on items out of the Inbox is rather a GTD anti-pattern.

Actually, David Allen’s best practice on inbox processing is take one thing out at a time, then process and organize it (or clarify and organize, if using GTD2.0 lingo). This is why it is recommended that every idea be written on its own piece of paper on the way in to the inbox, so that item by item processing can be facilitated.

But I totally agree with you, @CatOne, that working didn’t the inbox like this would be problematic. Processing this way, though, could be aces.

There’s actually an open feature request for this, so you can email support to +1 it.



I sometimes use an interactive inbox script to discipline my Inbox processing. It serves up each task in the Inbox and asks which project and context to assign. Based on someone else’s work, although I cannot find the source link anymore.

You can see the AppleScript in this other post of mine.

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