Display task groups in context views / perspectives

I discovered task groups today and really like them as another layer of bundling actions together if they don’t make up a entire project yet. Though I noticed that task groups are not displayed in any context view and in perspectives only if the perspective is set to project.

Since my entire workflow is centered around contexts, is there a way to enable them in context views as well?

Example task group:

i.imgur.com/sgcAo87.png (sorry this forum allows me to only put 1 image into a thread)

Then in a context view:

The bundling group is getting ignored and only the tasks are displayed

To get the action group container to show, look in your preferences, under Organisation. Tick the box to turn on ‘In perspectives without project hierarchy: Include projects and groups’.

This will cause your action group container to show up. However it will not show the hierarchy as it would in a project view.

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Yeah I saw that option as well but it completely messes up the order (and purpose) of the group.

I assume this is something that just isn’t in it yet?
I’m temporarily going back to project views but like the context ones a lot more because of stuff like hiding stalled projects.