Displaying relative due dates (due in "5 days" or "2 weeks")

Currently, dates are displayed as “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and then as numbers (eg. 1/02/2015).

However, when I look at that string of numbers, my mind just goes blank. What’s the date today again? So that’s what… three days? Four? How many days has January? How does that song go again? You get the idea.

It would be really, really great if OmniFocus could display those dates as how many days, weeks, or months from today that is instead (or at least if that could be an option in preferences). Perhaps this only happens when things are less than two weeks away, or perhaps both the explicit date and the relative date are displayed.

Either way, if I could see “5 days” or “2 weeks” instead of some string of numbers, I would be able to interpret that due date at a glance and make important decisions about priority on the fly much more easily.

What does the OF community think of that idea? I sent in a feature request – if you agree I recommend you email the Omni support folks and let them know (omnifocus@omnigroup.com)


Yes, I’d like to see this.