Do parent tags inherit the geo-fencing of their child tags?

Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know if a parent tag will inherit the geo-fencing / geo-tagging capabilities for child tags? As an example, if I have the following tag hierarchy…

  • Grocery
    – Target ‡
    – Publix ‡
    – Kroger ‡
    – Walmart ‡

(‡ Each geo-fenced to my preferred location)

…and I tag a task with “Grocery”, will the “Grocery” tag inherit the geo-fence of its children? If I need a carton of eggs, I can get them nearly anywhere. So I’d like to be able to apply a single tag that would fire a geo-fence alert if I am near any of the child tag locations.

Quick Edit: I am experimenting with this right now, but I haven’t had a chance to see if the test item fires off the alert just yet.

No, location-based notifications are based on explicitly-assigned tags only. It would be a cool capability of the tag hierarchy, but I can’t think of many use cases other than shops?

Thank you very much for your reply.

Off the top of my head, it’s really the only use case that I can think of, but it really would be a powerful feature. Given that it’s such a narrow/niche use, I don’t know if they’d want to implement that.

I doubt it, given the things they have said are on their roadmap :)

But Omni Automation is fantastic for these niche cases. You could write a script that automatically assigns all the child tags (the shops) to any tasks which have the parent tag (‘Grocery’). There is a plug-in on the Automation site which does this for the selected task: Adopt Tags from Tag Groups. It could be modified to do this only for a specific tag group and to refresh all tasks in the database. The only limitation is that you have to remember to run the automation or schedule it with another tool since there is no event-based execution.

I’m going to tinker with this today. Thanks for the suggestion. I needed an excuse to dive into automation in Focus. So, this may be just the ticket.


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I would very much like this - e.g. supermarkets (use case above), but another use-case is ‘stuff I buy in an airport’ (remember airports) e.g. ‘once through security, buy some water’.

There is an automation to do the job - it’d be great if I could set things to ‘when I assign THIS tag, trigger THAT automation’!

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