Do the new 2.3/iOS 8 extensions work for you? [They do now!]


I’m running the GM of iOS 8 and the 2.3 version of OF. I see both the Today and sharing extensions… but they don’t seem to do anything.

The Today extension is positioned on my Today view but all I see is the section header, no content (and CGRectZero-ish looking frame).

The sharing extension appears in my activity view controllers but tapping dismisses the sheet but that’s it. Nothing appears in OF.

So - am I doing something wrong? I tried rebooting the device (5s, GM seed).

Device console shows this when I pull down NC:

Sep 13 09:56:06 Gonzo-5S SpringBoard[48] : plugin com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2.iPhone.Forecast interrupted

… and this when I try to share:

Sep 13 09:56:45 Gonzo-5S MobileSafari[172] : plugin com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2.iPhone.QuickEntry interrupted

I see the same thing you show for the Today extension, but mine actually says “Tomorrow” underneath. (The next due items for me are due tomorrow, so maybe that’s why?)

I don’t see the sharing extension at all.

I had to turn on the sharing extension (and remember, sharing is the top row, actions is the bottom).

Oh, duh! I was looking at the bottom row, where the 1Password beta extension shows up. Now I see the same behavior you do—the sheet just dismisses itself and nothing happens.

On the plus side, it’s a lot less crashy.

Seeing the same issue and it was acknowledged on twitter.

Yes, we’re seeing the same. Working on it but we aren’t set up for support today (surprise release). We’ll update when we know more.

I believe that’s iOS’s default “Tomorrow” widget.

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I’m having the same issues. Saw the 2.3 update had installed today, but the share item doesn’t function, and there are no entries in the widget. Also running the 8.0 GM build, so it’s a bit early to be bugging Omni support staff about it.

Too early to be upset about it not working but there’s no harm in letting them know.

Hopefully it wasn’t a bad build (code signing and bundling for extensions is really complex). I guess we’ll find out.

At least it’s not just me!

Oh duh, again. The formatting sure makes it look like the OmniFocus and Tomorrow labels are related, though.

I’m curious about what happened with 2.3. It was submitted for iOS 8, yet it doesn’t work on the GM. Was this built/released to review pre-GM?

I’m honestly just curious, I had my own issues preparing apps for the GM from the previous beta and would love to hear a “post-mortem” on this release.

I was super excited to try the extension and widget, but more excited that the app no longer crashes on the GM. thanks guys – can’t wait for the 2.3.1 release!

In version 2.3, the new extensions can’t actually communicate with the main app.

We did build and test the app on the v2.3 GM, but when we reprovisioned the app for submission to the App Store we accidentally applied our generic distribution profile rather than the app-specific profile—which meant the app was missing its entitlement to access its shared group container. That shared container is where the app and entitlements communicate with each other, so while the extensions are working fine the main app itself isn’t actually able to communicate with them in v2.3.

The upcoming v2.3.1 release (submitted Saturday) fixes this entitlements issue as well as fixing compatibility issues with iOS 7.

D’oh, I see! I’ve had issues over the years with the provisioning (who hasn’t‽), so I can totally relate.

Thanks for the in-depth explanation!

Seems like the share extension still doesn’t work after updating to 2.3.1.

After the Today extension and the Sharing extensions work, I’m hoping for a Quick Entry extension so that i can just quickly add an entry into my OmniFocus inbox.


In case anyone is still following this thread and wondering about the final outcome: the issue we were seeing was fixed on September 17 before iOS 8 shipped to the general public.