Do you use OF for simple tasks, or a separate program?

I have been using OF on iOS for 2 years and now OS for about 6 months. Love it for Project management.

For simple tasks (next actions) I have been using other means…primarily iOS/OS reminders and checklists in evernote…using these for simple items to avoid cluttering OF, see them more easily on watch.

I use apple watch to capture tasks, and to view simple tasks I need to do today.

Of course sometimes a task becomes more complicated and needs a project.

For simple tasks, I still want to be able to add tags. eg which family member it’s about…iOS reminders doesn’t have simple tag function that OF, evernote, Things 3, and some others have.

I’m familiar with perspectives. Which are quite useful on iOS/OS, but unavailable on watchOS.

So, do you think I should simply try to use OF for all task/next action items? Or keep these separate?


I have all tasks in OF, it is the one simple place where I put everything.
If I were to use different solutions for actions I would go nuts trying to remember where I put everything.

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Same. I only see cons to using a separate tool.

Good to hear. Like the idea of next actions all in one location.

Do you use OF for something as simple as a shopping list?

Is there a problem with leaving many completed items in OF? Thinking takes longer to sync. I have not been deleting or archiving completed items.

What if a user has a long daily, repeating checklist. Does all this data eventually slow the system down?

The only time I saw it take time was when I had a ton of attachments in it.

How do you handle (differently) a next action that is not part of a project?

I use single-action lists. I have separate lists for each area of responsibility: car, family and friends, fun and recreation, household, hobbies, pet, personal development, personal finances, etc. For anything that doesn’t really fall into one of these buckets, I have kind of a catch-all that I call “Admin - Personal.”

So each list is a project, and each item is a separate task/next action?

Yep, Single Action project/list.

For years I’ve used OmniFocus for everything, big and small. Over the past month or so I’ve started using Things for laying out the linear flow of tasks for the day, and using OmniFocus as my larger database that feeds into my daily plan in Things, and the place I do my weekly review. Despite the very obvious downsides already mentioned, I’m loving it. I’m quite sure it’s not for everyone, but so far, it’s definitely a refreshing improvement for me.

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