Do you use OF Inbox or something else?

A weird problem to have, but I’m a bit annoyed at the amount of inboxes I have. Emails are separate, but I’m using OmniFocus for task management and Bear (similar to Evernote) for someday/maybe lists and filing system. Both applications have an inbox ‘concept’, so I was just wondering to you use both as your digital inbox or only one? For some reason, I seem to now be putting my personal inbox notes to Bear, and work inbox notes to OF, which is a bit of an artificial splits…

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It’s something I’ve thought about before, too. I treat OF as the ultimate destination for anything that needs doing. Generally, anything I keep anywhere else should also have some kind of relevant item in OF.


I do a lot of capture in Drafts. It’s handy to use Drafts’s voice dictation when I’m driving. At the end if the atm I’ll process the Drafts inbox. If it is an action or project, it gets forwarded to OmniFocus.

If I already know it’s a project or action, I will enter it directly inside the OF inbox.

I also have a physical notebook to capture items. Then I’ll transfer into OF if it’s a project/aciton. Otherwise, it goes into the proper destination (appointments go to calendar, general reference/notes goes to DevonThink, etc.).

My email inbox gets treated the same. If it’s an action required, it goes to OF. Otherwise, it goes into Calendar or DevonThink.

Use as many inboxes as needed. But try to keep it to a minimum.

My Someday\Maybe items in OF. This could reduce one of your inboxes.

For electronic stuff I have the following inboxes:
Email - I have one Action Support folder that stuff can move to but I’m slowly phasing that out

Omnifocus - Only gets Siri remind me notes done when I don’t have time or free hands to write a paper note.

I use DEVONThink (similar to Evernote) but I don’t have an inbox in it at all.

Nearly all my capture is via paper notes that I put into my paper inbox and then process from there into either OF for active projects or DEVONThink for someday/maybe projects and most small electronic action support.

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