Does a single action require a project?

I’m a relative newbie but quickly finding my way around. At first I was organizing my actions far too deeply: contexts, projects, etc. Now I’m using flags to discern simple, one-off tasks like, “Call Mom,” while I have projects set up when I need multiple components. That’s the extent of my need or projects. But I notice that Omnifocus keeps assigning my one-time tasks/actions to a project names Miscellaneous.

I don’t think I really need these simple tasks in a project. A flag is plenty. Is there any way to prevent further organizing these simple tasks/actions into a project? I’m trying to keep this software as simply organized as possible, and I don’t want a separate project for items that I might complete the same day.

You can create a single-action list that has a bunch of one-off tasks. Here is an article courtesy of Sven Fechner’s blog explaining single action lists: