Does clipping with MailTags works?

I’m using Mail with MailTags and when I try to send some email to OF I get this:

Error compiling handler script for <ScriptHandler:0x61000010e4f0 com.omnigroup.OmniFocus.ScriptHandler.Mail_with_MailTags NSBundle </Applications/> (not yet loaded)>: Expected end of line, etc. but found variable name.

Can anyone help me what to do?

Sorry about that! We fixed a similar issue in the Mail clippings handler a few days ago, but missed fixing it for the Mail with MailTags handler. It should be fixed soon (in r206352 or later).

Thanks a million Ken. (I also rely heavily on MailTags).


It works now, thanks!

I believe I’ve successfully installed Clip-o-tron 3000 and I can successfully clip email messages from However, the clippings do not pick up the Mailtags project information. I can still add it by hand, but having Clip-o-tron fill them in automatically is a big timesaver.

I’m running the latest version of Mailtags.

Is this something I should expect to work, or is it still in progress?