Does clippings shortcut for omnifocus not work in firefox?

When I try my clippings shortcut for OF2 in Firefox (which otherwise works in Safari), I get this message: “Unable to paste using type “Apple HTML pasteboard type”.” It does open a new entry window for an OF task, but it’s blank.

I have PopClip installed now, so it may be a moot point, but might not one expect Firefox to support that shortcut?

It might not work. Generally it requires OS X Services to hand over details, and that requires Cocoa apps. Firefox used to be a Carbon app, so it couldn’t do that. I don’t know whether Firefox has updated.

One way to check would be to see if Firefox is a 64-bit app or a 32-bit. If 32-bit, it’s almost certainly still Carbon.

Thanks–I suppose PopClip is a good enough workaround for now.