Does Drag and Drop Images to Columns work in PRO?

hello there!
i am using omni outliner for ages and got forced to upgrade to omni outliner 4 because i upgraded to macos sierra. i always worked with omni outliner standard for years but it always bothered me that a simple task like dragging an image into a column never worked flawlessly.

now years later i wondered if this feature is implemented in the pro version? actually dragging an image around should be a no-brainer.

if it still does not work in 4.0 pro will it be added in 5.0 pro?


You can drag an image to a cell in OO4 Pro. Not sure how dragging to a column would work.

Generally, whether a link or an image, dragging to a cell works when the editing cursor (i.e. the flashing i-bar) is active in the target cell. If you drag the image elsewhere, it will end up in the left-hand column underneath the row that becomes highlighted depending upon your mouse cursor placement.

If the i-bar is active in a cell then you can drag to that cell either from another cell within OO4, or from another app, be it the Finder or a web browser.

I’ve just successfully dragged a .jpg file from the Finder to a text column in OO5. I can display it as an image or as an icon.

As Mockman says, it’s important to make sure that the I-bar cursor is in the column cell to which you want to drag the image, otherwise it just becomes another outline item.

I have not been able to get an image from a web page (Safari) into a column (or even into an outline item)