Does macOS + iOS syncing require an OmniFocus Subscription?

I’ve been using OmniFocus on my primary Mac since 2007. I’d like to have occasional access to upcoming tasks on my iPhone. I’d still be doing most data entry & editing on macOS.

The trial period for OmniFocus on my iPhone expired before I had time to check it out. The iOS app offers 4 in-app purchases:

  • iOS Standard app: $49.99
  • iOS Pro app: $74.99
  • OmniFocus Subscription: $9.99 / month or $99.99 / year

Does syncing work between purchased macOS and iOS apps, or is a Subscription required?

The Omni Sync Server allows you to sync your OmniFocus data (projects, tasks, custom perspectives) between different devices and does not require a subscription fee.

Create an Omni Sync Server account and enter that info into each of your devices.

You’ll only need the OmniFocus subscription if you want to access your OmniFocus from a web browser. This is suitable if you are working on a Linux or windows machine. You will be able to log in and get to your projects via your web browser.


You can have fully private solution by setting up WebDAV server on your LAN.
I made such on my NAS server and it works for me without any issues for a few years now.
AFAIK you can also start WebDAV server on your Mac and synchronise iPhone with it.


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