Does OmniGraffle open (convert) Intaglio documents? (Update)

Hi all.

Looks like Intaglio is in trouble…

Does OmniGraffle open (and convert) Intaglio documents?


Can you give us more on “Intaglio is in trouble”? Thanks!

Well … any company will be if technical questions are delivered in wrappers like that.

It’s a good question, but doesn’t framing it with a focal (starting-point) claim like that risk (at best) becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy ?

Hi Martin. Sure.

  1. My very reliable Intaglio suddenly refuses to save modified documents. It just hangs, does nothing. I can’t “save”, can’t “save as” and can’t “quit”. Have to force quit. Possibly since OS upgrade to Sierra.

  2. My version of the program is 3.0.1. The “Check for updates” states that the current version is 3.4.4. The company website states that the latest version is 3.9.5.

  3. Since the beginning of the year, there have been only four threads (in addition to mine of yesterday) in the user forum.

  4. One of those threads reveals that the company is really just one developer.

  5. The company website still lists Kagi as payment processor. They have been dead for quite a while.

Individually, nothing major; but you get the “flavour”?

Not so long ago I was burned by the sudden demise of Circus Ponies’ NoteBook. Cost me many, many hours.

I don’t use Intaglio often. But the documents I use it for are important to me.


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Doesn’t sound good.

Any joy with SVG export and import? Likewise drag and drop?

I used to use Intaglio. I don’t see any other apps that can open Intaglio document. I guess your best bet is to try to quickly export your Intaglio documents to a compatible format such as SVG or PDF and make sure it translates well into OmniGraffle. Otherwise, you might have to take a weekend to recreate your drawing documents in OmniGraffle.

I also had Circus Ponies notebook and saw that app discontinued.

I guess I am more wary about one man shops. Cultured Code was also a one man shop. That’s why Things 3 took so long to get released. The developer finally joined forces with another task manager developer to eventually release Thimgs 3. I think it was the developer for iGTD but I could be wrong.

I’d trust OmniGroup because they seem to be big enough to continue development and support.

A fashion for stigmatising small shops would soon deprive us of an ecosystem of tools that are not only very useful and powerful, but also rather less buggy than those produced by some larger operations.

( And more rapidly and responsively developed too :-)

No organisation is too large to fail, or to bite off more than it can chew, and I would rather move from macOS to Linux and emacs than be deprived of TaskPaper, for example.

On the iOS side, while I really admire and commend the new omniJS scriptability of OmniOutliner, in practice I still reach more frequently for Drafts and 1Writer, even though they are not formally ‘outliners’.

(Faster, less bureaucratically modal, more flexibly scriptable, and, as it happens, both from small shops).

Circus Ponies Notebook, R.I.P. 2016
Intaglio, R.I.P. 2017

The small shops still need to find a business model that will keep the lights on. Ulysses and 1Password are two apps that have turned to the subscription model to help further development.

Sadly, Intaglio and Notebook didn’t make it.


If sustainability were a function of scale, then Enron and Lehman Bros would still be trading.

Touché. But those companies were brought down by a culture of greed and corruption. Intaglio and Notebook closed down due to unsustainability.

But we digress from the main topic. The main point was to find a way to get the OP’s documents out of Intaglio.

One key feature of software is to have the ability to export data out to different formats such as SVG and PDF.

and the General Motors bankruptcy ?

Sustainability is simply not a function of scale.

I’m not sure they were brought down by unsustainability. Perhaps. But I think it’s more a matter that better (and cheaper) products came to market. Either those developers could not foresee the future well enough in terms of trend, or they were slow to react when new tools/trends became available, or both. Hard to know. But for one reason or another they became dinosaurs.

(and no amount of civic virtue would have protected the dinosaurs from changing market conditions, or from having a random rock thrown at them from space)

Hi all.

FWIW, here’s an update: I downloaded the latest version of Intaglio yesterday. In spite of what my version (3.0.1) of the program was stating, I actually downloaded version 3.9.5, from the co’s web site.

I was able to create and save a new document. I was able to open, modify and save two documents created with a previous version of the program.

So everything seems to be OK for the time being and I’ll just keep going on using Intaglio. (“Head in the sand” strategy).

Sorry if I caused needless alarm; but the discussion did raise interesting points.

Best regards.

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