Does OO5 change the horrific handling of styles present in the current version?

Can anyone confirm whether OO5 has changed the horrific handling of styles? This is the single one feature that has made me stop using OO. Styles in the current version of OO are unintuitive, illogical and unhelpful.

What I’m looking for is that if text is pasted in multiple rows and I select those rows and change the style that the style actually changes and doesn’t require me to select the text in each row to change the style.


It’s not really any better. Though now the styles have a separate tab in the sidebar, so they don’t clutter up your outline view, at least ;-)

Yes sadly Omni have decided that styles don’t need changing. You can see the comments here (Omnioutliner Flakey Styles?).

This is really sad as I like OO, but whenever I have used it in the past it takes me so long to style a document that it becomes impractical. Imagine that on a long document with styled text (this includes creating a duplicate of an existing OO document, which I used to do frequently) you cannot select all the rows and change the style, you have to go in to each and every row and select all the text and apply the style you want! Ridiculous.

This forum is full of threads about people being unhappy about styles and OO chooses to ignore it. It looks like my favourite outliner is at the end of the road, the way styles work is a deal breaker for me as it doubles the time needed to prepare documents and with the price of Omni apps is not something I’m prepared to pay for.