Does Spootnik work with OF2?


Does anyone know if Spootnik works with OF2? I can’t seem to get it to sync.
Many thanks

I haven’t tried, but my understanding is that the data format hasn’t changed, so so long as the ability to sync to a non-Omni server is still in there I would expect it to work. Maybe E-mail Lars as well and ask.

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Thanks John. I emailed Lars as well but wondered if anyone already knew. Hopefully he’ll get back to me and I’ll post the answer here for others to refer to. Cheers

The (web)app looks pretty old.

What’s the use of it? Normally if you have access to a computer, surely you’d use your existing OmniFocus 1 (or 2) app?

Hi Savantier. Regrettably I’m forced to use Windoze at work and whilst the UI is “fashionably retro”, Spootnik allows me to view and add tasks without switching to my iPhone or iPad. It also syncs my Mac, iPhone and iPad in the same way as Omni Sync Sever. I kinda like brown anyway … 😉

For those interested, Lars replied and it seems OF2 does not automatically create a database so he had to do it manually his end (that’s service for you). It’s now working perfectly. Lars has notified the Omni team and now OF2 has gone “gold” hopefully they’ll have a moment to look at it. Cheers

It’d be pretty cool if they could create a modern interface. I wouldn’t mind purchasing a subscription ($2/month?) or full time access ($20-30).