Doing a trial - Looking for focusing on an activity


I currently use OmniOutliner and was looking at OmniFocus

One feature that I expected to see, since it is in OmniOutliner, is the ability to focus(just see) a particular activity and its sub activities within a project. Am I missing something? Is there a way of seeing it?


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Use the focus button! 51 Is this what you require?

thanks revstu, but that just allows me to focus in one 1 project.

I know that I could convert a task to a project and that would give me the ability to just see a task and its sub tasks but that is overkill.

The funny thing is omnioutliner lets you focus very elegantly.

I could focus an 1 or multiple branches.

It helps me with my thought process

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I agree with you. It could be better. Omnioutliner is a superb app. I rely on it for so many things. Sometimes I do wonder why a design that’s super useful in one Omni app isn’t translated in the others?
You can of course, tailor your own unique perspective to suit your specific requirements? OF3 now allows particularly detailed options for such, and it is just as, if not more effective. Do you use perspectives?

No, just started using OF3.

So you are suggesting that I look into the perspective just to focus on a task and subtasks?

If you take the plunge into the professional version of OF3, the perspective feature is incredibly useful and a powerful means to focus exclusively on your desired criterion. I have a number of these, and they provide the workflow for everyday life that I have taken for granted for many years.
OF3 isn’t perfect. No task manager is. I have tried all the others. Any time I left OF, I came back!
I’m not sure what features you are missing out on because you are on a trial?

I think the trial is the full pro version.

I have not looked into yet but my general feeling is that if, while I am working through my list , I am just looking for a way to focus on a task with its subtasks, that perspective might not fit in.

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