Don’t let the sidebar have focus whenever the sidebar is hidden

Feature request (or maybe bug report, depending on how you look at): On Mac, don’t let the sidebar have focus whenever the sidebar is hidden.

I frequently run into this problem:

  1. Open some perspective or project that I want to work on
  2. Hit Cmd-/ to hide the sidebar.
  3. Hit the down arrow on the keyboard, intending to move focus to the first task in the list.
  4. Pound my head in frustration because OmniFocus loses focus and just beeps at me

It would work much smoother if OmniFocus moved focus to the closest unhidden panel. Thanks!

I recommend that you submit this feedback to The Omni Group by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu in OmniFocus.

In the meantime, you can use Keyboard Maestro to create a macro that changes the focus to the outline (⌥⌘2) then hides the sidebar (⌥⌘S).

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