Downloadable Perspectives

I know there aren’t that many combinations… But wouldn’t it be cool if you could download perspectives?

I can’t imagine this would be a good use of development resources. Plus there are sound pedagogical arguments for re-entering perspectives rather than just downloading without learning how they work. See The Hard Way is Easier book series for a discussion.

our perspectives are dependent on our projects and tags. Each project has a hidden project ID number and every tag has a hidden tag ID number. These numbers are hidden behind the scenes.

If I delete a project, that unique project ID number goes away. If I create a new project with the same name, it will get a new unique project ID.

If we could download perspectives, it may be not link correctly to your tags or projects.

The best we can do right now is to use screenshots and a short explanation of the perspective (why use it?).

Some of the custom perspectives I’ve seen also requires you to set up your projects and tags before creating a perspective.

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I agree there are logistical reasons it wouldn’t work. But it would be 😎

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