Drag a project from Review in to a Perspective

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This is my first post, so please be gentle! ;-)

I really liked @wilsonng’s post about having a perspective with the “big rock” projects for the week. I have started doing it and it really works for me. It’s a perspective where I add the big rock projects for the week, to the Sidebar Selection list of the Perspective.

Today, I was doing my weekly review. I realised that I really wanted to drag a project from the review list, into my big rock perspective. Essentially, I wanted to drag the project, drop it on the perspective tab and have it added as a sidebar selection. Is something like this possible? It seems crazy to have to note/mark the projects in some way and then go and edit the Perspective.

Any tips or tricks appreciated!



I have an alternative in mind and will post more on it in a few hours. But here is something that I played with.

But I think you can create a perspective and have it find the text ‘big rock’.

If you highlight a project, type into the notes field the words ‘big rock’ or whatever special tag such as #rock to indicate it is a rock.

The perspective will find anything with big rock and it should show up. Be sure to erase the text when done.

I don’t mind the perspective editor because I change Big Rocks only once a week or when I comple Eva project.

But sadly there is no drag and drop. That is one part of the user interface where omnifocus is still lagging.

I’ll gather more thoughts later when my workday is over.

@wilsonng — I do something similar to what you mentioned in your “big rocks” perspective post (except, I call my perspective “Key Focus”). I find this works well, though it would be nice to have a more convenient way to add projects.

I’ve experimented with adding #bigrock to project names and creating a “Use project hierarchy” perspective with “Find text” set to “#bigrock”. The problem is that ALL of the projects appear in the sidebar. So, unfortunately, this isn’t very useful.

Thanks @timstringer for following up. That’s what I remembered. All projects will show up instead of only the projects in focus,

I guess it’s just a matter of keeping the perspective editor open when adding projects. It is nice that I can type in the first few letters of a project name to add it quickly.

You’re welcome @wilsonng. Thanks for your suggestions as well. Keeping the Perspective window open while adding projects makes sense…and it is helpful to be able to locate projects so quickly through typing.

Thanks @wilsonng and @timstringer. I will have a play around with your suggestions!

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