Drag & Drop issue with Reminders on iOS13

hi there,

this may sound like an odd workflow, but for the past year or so i’ve been drag & dropping tasks from omnifocus into apple’s Reminders when i plan out my weekends. This all worked great, but i just discovered that when i drag a task into reminders on iOS13, the title of the new reminder is now omnifocus’s internal path for the task (e.g. “/task/pVIpCtlvRQU”) rather than its name. the note for the reminder is still the correct url (e.g. “omnifocus:///task/pVIpCtlvRQU”).

i’m not sure if this is an issue on the reminders side.


This doesn’t answer your question but maybe a more modern and user-friendly way might be to build a Shortcut that allows you to pick from a list and create your reminders as a batch.

(I’m not sure if OmniFocus on iOS yet has the query capability needed for this.)

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