Drag & drop omnifocus for iPad!

First of all, thanks for OF2 for Ipad. I have bought it and will use it, but there are some very important features I miss.

I think one of the main functions of GTD/Omnifocus is collecting actions in the inbox during the day and then sorting them up into projects.
In OF1 on my Mac it´s done in a natural way by dragging actions from the inbox into the complex hierarchy of projects in the left sidebar (the main reason I´m not using OF2 for Mac).

Reorganizing via drag&drop is also an important feature for me. It´s easy to move actions between projects this way, or even converting an action into a project och a project into an action or subaction within another project.

I think Omnifocus for iPad should work this way too, instead of like on the iPhone.
When assigning an action from the inbox I now have to:

  1. click on the action
  2. click on the info tab
  3. click in the project field
  4. try to remember the names on all my projects (which don´t show in the sidebar when in inbox)
  5. start typing the first letters
  6. scrolling projectlist
  7. choosing project
  8. clicking “Done”…

If I want to move 10 actions to the same project, I can´t do all at once, I have to do the 8 steps above x 10. It´s not possible to multiselect.

All this, instead of just

  1. dragging the action to the project.
    and if I want to move many actions, I just multiselect and drag them all att once.

If I would want to convert a project into a subaction within another project… well, it´s faster to start the computer, open OF1 and just drag it to the right place.

My point is maybe obvious:

  1. Enable drag and drop.
  2. Enable multiselect
  3. Enable project sidebar while in inbox (also in for OF2 for mac!)

very succinct. it is also eminently sensible. big cheer from me.

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Huge support for the idea! Will help to process inbox much faster!

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Couldn’t agree more with this. We have a beautiful touch device in the iPad but are not taking advantage of it. My project planning is mostly done on my Mac for this reason alone.

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Sounds so intuitive

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Drag & Drop is needed. Apple’s prime path for iOS usability includes this natural, intuative behavior. Any time developers add this function to their app the customers rave about it, and reviews turn more positive. It’s a win-win-win for all (developer, customer, and Apple).

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Could not agree more. I just purchased this am am shocked it has not been implemented. It like a building a car and only putting on 3 wheels.

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+1 from me too

Having just recently purchase the iPhone version and already considering the iPad version, I find it frustrating that this capability doesn’t exist on either platform. This could easily be solved on both by allowing multi-selection of actions/projects/contexts. When clicking the Edit button at the top we already get the delete and move icons, why not a checkbox icon as well. Real estate on the iPad should not be an issue, and even on the iPhone just put the checkbox on the left and bump the text to the right a bit – we can still see the starting text of each list item that way, that should be sufficient for most cases. If we multi-select we will almost certainly go from top to bottom through the list, so put a button at the bottom that when pressed gives us the option to mass delete, mass move, mass reassign project, mass reassign context, defer, etc.

The number of presses I need to do to do this currently is too damn high! :)

(great product in general though!)

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Please, all of you: mail these suggestions to Omnigroup’s support (omnifocus@omnigroup.com), so that they could add your votes for these much needed features (they like to have feature requests by email). I have already sent my request.