Drag n drop links into an Action?

Is it possible to drag n drop links such as an email from Mail or a contact card from Contacts (Address Book) into OF v2 ? I’ve tried but it doesn’t seem to work. Am I missing something? Is this feature (from v1) going to be ported to v2?

The task note has to be expanded before you can drag a link onto the task. I know what you mean though, in OF 1 you could drag an email, attachment, whatever, anywhere onto the task and it would be added to the notes. I usually bring up the quick entry window, hit +' to expand the note field and then drag in the note attachment. I also found an applescript that when invoked with a keyboard shortcut, pastes a link to the active mail message. This makes creating a task with a link to an email fairly painless.

After a lot of testing, I’ve been able to drag an email from Mail into an open note field but I can’t get it to do the same for a card from Contacts.
Anyone from Omni… is this function supposed to work? will it in a future release? I use it all the time in version 1.