Dragging doesn't render change to object until click released

I recently upgraded to 6.5.2 (Pro) on El Capitan 10.11.4.

Often when I perform a drag operation – be it repositioning a line or object – the change to the object in question is not rendered until I release the drag (click-hold-move-release).

So far I’ve experienced this phenomena while:

  • moving single objects or groups of objects
  • re-sizing an object (grabbing/moving the edge)
  • selecting objects (cursor moves, but doesn’t render the selection square, but selects enclosed objects when click is released)

I haven’t pinned down how to reliably reproduce the behavior, but it’s happening frequently enough that retrying a few times is sufficient. Also, I’m am NOT seeing anything in the OS X Console when the behaviors happens.

Hopefully I’m not the only one who has experienced the bug?

Just to add another data point – I’ve experienced this same phenomena on a second, slightly newer macbook pro running the same OS and version of Omnigraffle.