Dragging links from web browser and formatting in OO 4

I know you guys are working hard and the new OO looks great.

I do have one issue though. So, in OO 3, dragging in a link from a web browser would give you links in those silver file thingies with the title being the title of the page. Great.

Now, in OO 4, you drag in a link and it is a blue, Times New Roman, no-title link. Blah.

I don’t really care about losing the silver file thingy, but I need the title of the link linked to the link location and it must definitely not be in Times New Roman.

I don’t have time to manually add every title and change the font for every link I drag in. Is there some other way around this?

Does anyone have any ideas? It is killing my workflow. I will have to go back to OO 3.


What browser are you using?

If I grab the favicon in Safari:

And drop it into OmniOutliner, I get this:

We can only retrieve the title if the web browser puts it on the pasteboard.

Well done! The exactsame action is not working for Firefox. I will use Safari for the time being.

How do we report a bug?

Thanks so much!

Either choose Help : Contact Omni, or send email to omnioutliner@omnigroup.com.