Dragon Dictate crashes if I use OmniFocus

I don’t know if there are any other Dictate users around here, but mine has started crashing every time I do anything in OmniFocus. There’s been one report of similar behavior on the Nuance forums, but no one at Nuance can ever be bothered to help with their super buggy software. Does anyone here have any ideas about what might be happening?


I’m experiencing the same problem. I posted the problem on Dragon Dictate’s forum, but it looks like I may have to call into the DD to see if they address the issue.

If you do end up taking that bullet, I’d appreciate knowing what they have to say.

Bakari, are you using the compact layout? I switched back to the default a bit ago and haven’t seen a crash.

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I received an email from Nuance technical support in July stating explicitly that OmniFocus is not supported. Here’s the message:

Thank you for contacting Nuance Technical Support. This email is regarding the issue that you were encountering with Dragon Dictate 4
We do apologize for the inconvenience. I see and are you using dragon with your OmniFocus application?

If yes, it is not supported and it will not work.
If no, then you can turn off the microphone when you are accessing the OmniFocus application.

Not exactly what I was hoping to hear.

If you’d like this bug addressed by Nuance, please go here and vote up this thread using the stars: http://nuance-community.custhelp.com/posts/a0144a562b

I’ve just downloaded the new Dragon 5 for Mac and been using it for about the last hour. Running really fast and so far the accuracy has been really impressive compared to Dragon 4 and the good news is that it’s not crashing what I dictate into Omnifocus !

Sorry, it looks like I spoke too soon, it still seems to be crashing in
the Quick Entry window but when not entering text in the the main program. Sigh !

Plus 1! Me too! - I am having the same problem with omnifocus crashing during use of Dragon Dictate 5. In conversation with tech support today, they said that omnifocus is not yet approved for use with Dragon 5.Seems to be a kind one-upsmanship – about which company is responsible for the compatibility.

Dragon blames omnifocus. Says the app isn’t compatible with DD5