Dropped tasks in OF3 iPad


Dropped instances of repeating tasks appear as overdue in the Forecast perspective (OF3 for iPad). This in not happening in OF for iPhone. Any ideas?

It’s a bug. I have the same issue the other way around—usually on my iPhone, and the same perspective works correctly on iPad and Mac… I haven’t found a fix. Only options being to Archive the old tasks on Mac, or delete the instances completely. Very annoying. It would help increase awareness and priority to email Omni Support to report this bug as it’s hasn’t been fixed in any of the minor patch releases since the dropped task feature was added…

Same problem here.

Reported to Omni as a big via email.

Think I’m also seeing a “cleanup” bug in the current iPad release where tasks are being cleaned up too quickly (and inconsistently) from the inbox on iPad. Though I need to play a little more to isolate the behavior and determine if is consistently wrong or not.

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