Dropping actions in projects

Whilst I know how to ‘drop’ a project, I would like to be able to drop tasks (or groups of tasks) as well.


Because my projects often have elements which repeat and may sometimes turn out to be dead ends and so I would prefer to ‘drop’ rather than ‘complete’ them (which would be inaccurate) or delete them (which would be a shame just in case I need to come back to it for some reason.)

Imagine a research stage where I need to contact Hanif, Ige and Sharon and then get certain information from them, which requires some exchanges before everything is as it should be. I have a little template for OF2 which I can set up in advance with all these exchanges included.

Ige and Sharon respond and I begin working with what they give me. ("Info obtained from Hanif, Ige and Sharon" is a parallel group). For some reason Hanif still hasn’t responded (he may be on holiday—or maybe just doesn’t want to be involved) and so I decide to mark the group of tasks related to his input as ‘dropped’ and press ahead with what I have from Sharon and Ige.

Can I do this?

If not, am I alone in thinking it could be useful?

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Not sure if this helps, but I use “completed” to mean any one of "done it, dropped it, or not relevant this time (with repeating projects). I’ve used OF for 3+ years now, and have never referred back to completed tasks / projects once they are gone except by using the notes field for repeating tasks like worming the dogs or clearing house gutters where it is good to know how long it is since I last did it. If something needs archiving properly for future reference, I use a different tool.

@rather, we’ve got a feature request open on this - I’ll add your use case to the development database so the rest of the team will know you’d like to see this happen. (This also helps us weigh this request alongside the other ones in the system.)

(Note for later/future readers - we do our best to capture suggestions posted on the forums, but we cannot guarantee that every post will be seen or captured by a person on the appropriate team. The most reliable way to get suggestions into our system is always going to be to send email to omnifocus@omnigroup.com.)


Did this feature make it into a release ?

I’m also looking for the same functionality. Want to drop tasks so that there is a record of them but I do not want it to show track them as part of available or completed.

Oddly when I tried to delete a task in the project that had sub tasks it suggested setting it to dropped but the option is greyed out ?

Any news about the feature request?

Any news about the feature request?
I just completed a GTD Course yesterday in Stockholm and would appreciate the possibility to Drop Actions.