Due again after a different task completed

Hi, I’m fairly new omnifocus use but absolutely loving it.

One thing that would be really useful would be if a task could be made to become due again after a different repeating task is completed again. Does anyone know how to do this, or have an alternative approach to this type of thing?

The scenario I have in mind is, for example having to put in a regular order for something from time to time and then go and collect it shortly after ordering it. One example would be for prescription medication but I can think of a number of work related scenarios too.

Thanks for any suggestions

You should probably use a repeating project, rather than a repeating task.

Hi thanks for replying. Why so? Please can you explain more?

Because a repeating project is how you repeat groups of dependent tasks.

For example, you could set up a sequential project with two tasks: order prescription, and pick up prescription. When you complete “order prescription”, “pick up prescription” becomes available. When you complete “pick up prescription”, the whole project completes and repeats on whatever schedule you set up and “order prescription” then becomes available again.

Thanks. That’s helpful. I understand. I wonder whether it would be helpful to be able to achieve the same effect within a project rather than by using a project. But I can understand why this makes sense. Thanks again.