Due date < deferred date : does it make sense?

It is technically possible to define a deferred date which is after the due date; can anybody explain me when it would make sense ?

I think that it is a user error to have such a situation; OmniFocus should do something about it (warn the user ? Automatically set the due date a the deferred date ?).

By the way, this applies to OmniFocus 2 for Mac as well as for iOS.

It is an edge case scenario, but not out of the realm of possibility. Here’s a scenario: I have a task (“Submit expense report”) that was due yesterday, but I’m unable to act on that task until tomorrow because an important receipt is in the mail. By setting the deferred (start) date to tomorrow, I’ve indicated that

  1. The task is unavailable for action until tomorrow, even though
  2. The task was due yesterday

Now, when I look at my “Today” perspective (which shows Due or Flagged tasks that are also Available, this task won’t nag me until tomorrow, when I can actually work on it.

Others may wish to just bump their due date back, but to me that seems a little dishonest in situations where there is an actual due date.