Due Date - in Forecast

Hi All,

Firstly I’m using OF2 and synced with iDevices through Omnisync.

I have an annoying little problem with due dates in forecast view. When a task cannot be completed by the due date there is often the need to extend the due date for the task.

Until recently, in forecast view overdue tasks would appear in the Past Due list, and when a change was made it would then move it to the new due date. This is no longer happening. Even when I change a task to a future date it remains in the past Due List.

I do not know what has changed which caused this to happen. Can anyone provide advice on how to correct this issue?

Many thanks in advance


Is the task still visible in Past Due if you:

  • switch to another view/perspective
  • switch back to the forecast

There is one setting in Preferences > Organization that maybe is worth trying to change: ‘Clean up changed items: immediately / when changing views’. Using the second option, it doesn’t move items away from where they are until you switch to another view.

vloris thanks for the idea.

It I seemed to have found the problem.

I had put a due date against a context and as such all tasks in that context defaulted to that date. So it didn’t matter that I had the date input against the task, the context date was the date used for the forecast.