Due dates for projects and their visibility in forecast

I’ve just started with OF for OSX & iOS and have a question relating to due dates in projects and their visibility in the forecast view.

I was wondering why a project with a due date for tomorrow wasn’t showing in the forecast view then I realised there were no tasks within that project (so I guess that’s why?).

Then when I added a task (to the project) it inherited the project’s due date and the project/task appeared in the forecast view.

Then if I changed the tasks due date to be say 1 month away, so different to the project’s due date (which is still tomorrow) I can still see the task in the forecast for tomorrow. I don’t think this is right?

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Hi there!

The reason your project’s task is still showing up in Forecast for tomorrow is that OmniFocus thinks it’s still due tomorrow, since you’ve marked your entire project as due tomorrow. The general rule is this: if a container (like a project or action group) has a due date sooner than its items, the container’s due date “wins” and all the items are due on that date. You can give individual items due dates that are closer than their container, but not further out.

I’m not entirely sure why the project didn’t show up in Forecast if it had a due date but no tasks. If you hit that situation again, you can email our support team to let us know – it may be a bug, and we can look into a fix.

Thanks for choosing OmniFocus!

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For those who are interested. The discussion about this issue took place on several places on the forum:

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