"Due or flagged" status filter has disappeared on Mac?

I use a “Dashboard” perspective that consists of “due or flagged” items, which used to be selectable from Filter by Status but seemingly as of yesterday that option is gone now.

Anyone else noticed this? Is there a workaround to get back a perspective that filters by “due or flagged”?

Thank you!

If I’m not mistaken, under “Add a new rule”, the first item is “Due Soon/Flagged” in OF3. In the old perspective it is still under “Status: Due OR Flagged”.

Thanks sprclidr. I’m talking specifically about OF2 on Mac–that “Due OR Flagged” that used to be there is missing. I was just sorting this way for my Dashboard perspective and it only seems to have disappeared in the past day or two. I’m thinking it’s related to iOS OF3 release but not sure how or why. I emailed support earlier today but am impatient as I rely on this perspective throughout my day. :)

Is your perspective set to use Project Hierarchy? That would be the most obvious reason for it not to show up in the Filter by Status dropdown. If not, you might share what your perspective settings are.

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Yep, that was it! Probably the only setting I didn’t go back and check. Much appreciated, deaghean.

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I have the same problem in OF2 on Mac, but I checked my settings, and this doesn’t work for me. My TODAY perspective doesn’t give me the “Due OR Flagged” option even when I set it to use Project Hierarchy. The only options are “Any Status,” “Flagged,” or “Unflagged.” Any suggestions?

Right, you need to set it to “Don’t use project hierarchy” in order for the “Due or Flagged” option to be available.

Duh! Worked perfectly; thanks so much!

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